Nadia Kellow (MA,MFTC)

I completed my Master’s degree with honors, in Marriage and Family Therapy (MA, MFTC) from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I am a member of AAMFT ( American Association of Marraige and Family Therapy). I am a member of ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine). I am also a member of the Mental Health Professional Group. I started my private practice 'Journey to Counseling, LLC' pursuing my passion to empower people towards achieving healthy relationships. People can always start a new beginning whenever they feel that they are ready to do so.

I have had the privilege to live in different places around the world. I also worked in the United Nations in Switzerland . Those experiences allowed me to develop a better understanding of diverse cultures and lifestyles. This has fostered a deep sense of empathy for all people without judgment. My empathetic approach allows me to form a connection with people - and that is when change happens. Keep in mind: all emotions are temporary, therefore change is only possible when we decide it is the right time for it to occur.

I also have a BSc degree in Computer Science. Having an exposure to both fields allows me to have a better understanding of the daily stress that comes with working in such industry.

I have two years of experience working with individuals and couples covering a wide variety of issues like Anxiety, Grief/loss, Trauma, Infertility, Relationship Issues, General well-being and having a better understanding of themselves. Perhaps one just has some areas of their life that they want to improve, and just need guidance.

I will be honored to serve you and work with you through out your journey.